Weight Loss Program ~ on-line programs

Performance Based Nutrition

Initial 15 minute scheduled phone consultation with Jules Hindman, a certified sports nutritionist, to go over your weight loss goals for this on-line nutrition program

Weekly On-Line Check-ins through email will include:

  • Food log review
  • Mandatory weekly weigh-in, a picture of your weight from your personal home scale will be emailed to Jules
  • A list of foods appropriate for changing body composition, increasing energy, enhancing mood and overall better vitality will be provided for you.
  • A menu for you to follow with the ability to make substitutions based on your likes and dislikes.
  • Foods will be grouped a certain way on your menu to enhance positive body composition change, increase energy, alertness and overall mood and most importantly – lose weight!
  • Based on your personal goal: Daily calories suggestions along with daily macros (protein, carbs & fats) and appropriate hydration needed to get you closer to your goal and a suggested app to use to track your eating.
  • Receive weekly motivational emails with tips, recipes, plus nutritional advice to keep you motivated and on track for the 6 weeks from Jules.
  • Access to Jules on an as needed basis through email/text/phone.
  • A weekly food log will be kept via a google doc or My Fitness Pal app for Jules to review weekly
  • This is an on-line weight loss program.

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