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Performance Based Nutrition

Eat Well Perform Well Program – click on new client intake form for price  

Webinars and Presentations For Coaches, Athletes and Parents

Jules offers webinars, Skype sessions, and in-person presentations – each tailored for your sport or corporate setting. One hour group presentation geared toward the athlete or corporate setting. The presentation will cover nutrition as it relates to being productive in the workplace, long/demanding work days, eating out, traveling or if a sport is involved; playing conditions, travel, game day fueling, hydration & recovery will be addressed. The goal is to educate the group the best ways to “Eat Well to Perform Well”.

Fitness Facilities and Gyms

  • Create handouts and newsletters
  • On-hand nutritional guidance
  • Available to develop meal plans for clients individual needs based on training and level of activity
  • Check body composition using the InBody scale

Amateur and Professional Sports Teams

  • Work for clubs, professional teams, national teams, Olympic training centers
  • Provide individualized meal plans for specific players/team members
  • Help athletes to maintain a level of body mass, body fat, and muscle mass appropriate for their sports
  • Manage diet while traveling/competing in other countries
  • Match nutritional needs to training phases and goals
  • Educate on nutritional concepts
  • Check body composition using the InBody scale

Sports Performance Facilities

  • Olympic training centers
  • Training centers for national teams
  • On-site counseling
  • Work with individual athletes and larger groups
  • Work as a nutritional educator for athletes and coaches
  • Provide menus based on specific needs of athletes and level of intensity of the work outs
  • Help athletes maintain body mass, muscle mass, & body fat -using the InBody scale
  • Recommend appropriate pre, during, and post fueling and hydrating strategies