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Performance Based Nutrition

A Healthier More Energized YOU – Nutrition for a Healthier Life

How Nutrition Can Help Do you suffer from recurrent dips in mood, concentration and energy? Do you reach for a sugary snack or a cup of coffee to “pick you up,” only to find you feel grumpy and exhausted again shortly afterwards? By improving your diet and eating patterns, you can help balance your blood…
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Healthy Food List

Protein Choices Beef tenderloin (aka filet, filet mignon)-fat content high Bison Boneless, skinless chicken breast Buffalo steak (lean) Canned tuna (water packed) Canned white meat chicken (water packed) Egg whites & eggs Extra lean ground beef & ground round (92–96%) Extra lean ground turkey, turkey breast slices or cutlets (fresh meat, not deli cuts if…
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Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Increase conditioning levels Increase strength levels Increase energy levels in everyday life & training Increase mental capacity, acuity, & alertness Increase metabolic functioning Boost immune system Increase amount of lean muscle mass Improve recovery time after injury or help in preventing injuries Improve hydration status Promotes muscle repair and growth Decrease risk for injury Decrease…
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Why Focus on Setting Body Composition Goals Instead of Losing Body Weight?

Why make it more complicated with all this talk about body composition goals when you can just focus on shedding the unwanted pounds, right? Wrong. The truth is that body composition analysis is going to help you get the look you want or the results you crave because it takes into account changes in both muscle…
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