Here are 5 common mistakes people make when battling the scale:

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Here are 5 common mistakes people make when battling the scale:

You Eat Too Much of the Healthy Stuff

Just because it’s “healthy” doesn’t mean you should overdo it.  Sometimes people think that a huge salad is a better choice than a small sandwich, but it all really depends on what and how much you eat.  Check for serving sizes for the dish or the ingredients to make sure that you are eating the recommended amount- and don’t eat more than that.  Along with the portion sizes, also watch the toppings and condiments that you add to your dish.  Even if the additions are healthy, all those extras can add up the calories and prevent the scale from showing any results.

You Skip a Meal

The logic seems right: if you skip a meal, there are no calories or fat consumed, which should lead straight to weight loss. However, our bodies need food to fuel it.  A skipped meal could lead to eating more than usual later.  Instead of passing up breakfast, eat a light meal high in fiber to keep your hunger sustained until lunch.  Try a parfait recipe that can be prepared the night before. Top it with fresh fruit in the morning for more added fiber and nutrients.

You Exercise…Kind Of….

While taking a walk after dinner is indeed exercise and a good practice, simply doing just that will not give you the results you are looking for.  You want to make sure that you’re really burning those calories you consume if you want to lose some weight.  Mix up your week with at least 30 minutes a day of cardio and weight training and you’ll be sure to bust a sweat and burn some fat.  The key is to find what is fun for you so it won’t feel so much like a chore and give you a new routine to look forward to.

You Obsess with the Numbers

Some people are all about the stats, day after day watching the weight fluctuate.  Keeping track of your progress is definitely a good practice in your weight loss journey, however, obsessing over the number on the scale shouldn’t be the focal point.  If you’re a numbers person, focus on body composition instead. Get an InBody Composition test from Jules. Find out your muscle, fat and water ratios. Much more important than a # on the scale.

You Think of Losing Weight as a Temporary Diet

There are two definitions of the word “diet”:

  1. The kinds of food that a person eats.
  2. A special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

Usually when someone wants to lose weight, the second definition is usually what is comes to mind.  It’s all about restriction; what you CAN’T eat.  However, if you really want to see long-lasting results, then think of this effort to lose weight as a new lifestyle change and introduce yourself to new healthy foods that you CAN eat.  These new foods are part of your daily diet, much like the first definition.  The new exercises that you do are not just temporary; it’s all part of your daily and weekly routine.  This all becomes a habit and part of your daily diet for your new-and-improved healthy body.


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