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About Jules

Jules Hindman is a nationally recognized certified sports nutritionist working with athletes of all levels, celebrities, coaches, sports teams and corporations. Jules uses her vast experience, knowledge, and education of nutrition to advise high school, collegiate & professional athletes, as well as those in corporate settings and motivated adults, in proper nutrition to meet their varied goals. Jules will counsel the athlete/client on ways to improve body composition, timing of meals, hydration strategies, grouping foods for better performance, better energy, better focus and an overall sense of better well-being. Jules is dedicated to her athletes and clients’ well-being.

Jules is known nationally for her work with many prominent athletes.

Your good health and peak performance begin in the kitchen. 80% of how your look, feel and perform will come from better understanding your own unique fueling, hydration and recovery strategies.

Contact Jules  today to find out how hydrating, fueling, and recovering along with nutrient timing can be YOUR ‘secret weapon’. Jules understands the nutritional challenges facing both athletes on and off the field and motivated adults in the workplace.

Email Jules to find out how nutrition can have a positive impact on your performance on and off the field or in and out of the boardroom. Jules offers nutrition plans to help the athlete at any level outperform the competition, or to help those in the business world and motivated adults attain their desired goals. Jules also counsels many teams, coaches, & gyms along with group type of work settings helping to provide a healthy atmosphere using nutrition strategies.

Jules is also a NPC, OCB & Fitness Atlantic Figure Competitor, as well as 2x Tough Mudder participant, Spartan Beast Warrior, gym enthusiast, wife and mother of 4 active and competitive young adults. Jules lives what she preaches as does her family.