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Jules Hindman is a nationally recognized certified sports nutritionist working with athletes of all levels, celebrities, coaches, sports teams and corporations. Jules uses her vast experience, knowledge, and education of nutrition to advise high school, collegiate & professional athletes, as well as those in corporate settings and motivated adults, in proper nutrition to meet their varied goals. Contact Jules right now to find out how hydrating, fueling, and recovering along with nutrient timing can be YOUR ‘secret weapon’. Jules understands the nutritional challenges facing both athletes on and off the field and motivated adults in the workplace.

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If you need more information, have questions, please be in touch. You can contact me via phone, email or by filling out the form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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WHY a sports nutrition professional can help….

The aim of a sports nutritionist is to create a nutrition plan for an individual’s training needs. The plan will incorporate both food and hydration. It doesn’t matter if you’re[…]

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Broth Benefits: The Magic of Collagen and Gelatin

Real collagen is the source of stock’s immune-boosting properties. You’ve probably seen this jiggling layer atop the broth in your cooling roasting pan and discarded it, but think again next[…]

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Bone Broth Nutrition

Bone broth stock could be called “nature’s multivitamin.” How so exactly? It’s packed with: over 19 easy-to-absorb, essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) collagen/gelatin, which help[…]

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Joel Segal

If you’re looking to gain an advantage over your competition, I would highly recommend using the services of Jules Hindman – sports nutritionist. I’ve recommended Jules to several of my NFL clients and will continue to do so. Jules has… Read more “Joel Segal”

Joel Segal
JS NFL Sports Agent & President of Team Sports for Lagardere Americas

Tyler Beede

Eat Well Perform Well has become the mantra for me off the field when it comes to my nutrition! Jules has helped me through college and on into professional baseball with strict food dieting plans for weight gain and weight… Read more “Tyler Beede”

Tyler Beede
Tyler Beede, RHP SF Giants, MLB

Kevin Gould

Jules has personalized a nutrition plan that allows me to compete at the highest level of Lacrosse. Jules worked with my previous diet to create a plan that would ensure I would be playing at a high energy level and… Read more “Kevin Gould”

Kevin Gould
Professional Lacrosse Player, UMASS Lowell Asst. Coach